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So What Is Money Craft  All About?

A unique and PROVEN product that teaches  how to make money online, selling video games. Backed with Over a MILLION dollars in proof and dozens of success stories!

Yup, you can now leverage the POWER  OF SELLING VIDEO GAMES FOR PROFIT with?!

? NO Website Required

? No Email List Required

? No Need To Create Your Own Product

? No Need To Join Any Affiliate Market Place

? No Need To Building An Ecommerce Store 

All you need to do is:

1. Login to our web-based app

2. Follow the in depth tainting that has been given in side the web based software 

3. Sale games and make money from it

Price & Up-Sells

Front End- MoneyCraft - Flipping Video Games For Profit ($17):

The exact 2-part system responsible for generating over a Million Dollars.

Inside the MoneyCraft training guide, we uncover exactly how Jahanzeb and his friends made a Million Dollars selling popular video games.

It’s a VERY easy formula that anyone, regardless of age & background can follow. 

The process is stupid-simple, Use the MoneyCraft app to find deals on video games that are selling for cheap, snag the keys, relist it on the secret marketplace that we uncover inside the MoneyCraft training. PROFIT! 

NEW: Profit Predictor - accurately calculates profit per game flip.

NEW: Case Study showing how our eldest member William who is 72, was able to make $3,000 in his first month.

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OTO1- MoneyCraft - Cheat Code Level ($47):

A ‘cheat code’ that uncovers a 100% ethical and legal loophole that allows the users to keep upto 30% more profit selling the exact same games.

Plus PRO version of the software that takes the ‘research’ part out of the game by pin-pointing and uncovering hot deals on games that are in-demand. Snag the keys, relist, profit!

NEW: 2 Ready to go offers that they can put up and start selling and making money immediately, no researching, no finding. These offers sell year long.

NEW: 5 Short & Actionable Tips & Tricks Videos that will give the users an EDGE over others.

(Downsell is minus the new additions.)

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OTO2- MoneyCraft -  ($47/m or $97 for 1 year access):

The ‘Power Up’ where we will practically deliver the users the EXACT games that are going to bring them profit month after month. No researching, no finding required. We will tell them exactly which games to buy, when to buy, where to buy from and then re-list them on our SECRET platform to make the most profits. This is practically a no-brainer offer.

NEW: 5 hot-selling games that will get you started right out the door.

(Downsell is minus the new additions.)

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OTO3- MoneyCraft - Boss Level ($297):

‘The Boss level’ where we are going to take your users by hand on a one-on-one setting and help them set up everything from their accounts, telling them which games to buy, help thelist the games and make sure they make a profit. This is a complete done-for-you package, your users just have to sit back and watch us make a profit for them.

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